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RB Computing Inc. is a 100% Canadian-owned supplier of custom-built computer solutions which has serviced its customers in the National Capital region since 1996.

We are proud to be a trusted local provider of computer equipment and services to our customers across Canada and especially in the National Capital region.

RB Computing Inc. began with a strong focus on AMD-based solutions, today RB Computing Inc. is Canada’s premier PC solution provider offering a vast product selection from media PC’s to water-cooled PC’s. Our headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario offers our local clients access to our retail storefront and service center while our online presence,, provides our national clients easy access to our products and services.

Our dedication to informing our clients with honest information, pricing and service has helped develop many strong relationships with clients ranging from the basic home user to large corporate environments and government agencies.

Our long-term strategy has remained intact and we pride ourselves in developing essential alliances where all parties benefit. RB Computing Inc. only has satisfied customers.

RB Computing is dedicated:

  • To leading and establishing new principles based on service, quality, reliability, honesty and growth.
  • To profiting and growing as a team by providing our customers exceptional value, service, and an overall unforgettable shopping experience.
  • To leading the industry by introducing new, improved products to customers in a reliable fashion.
  • To reproducing and carrying over our excellent service record, customer satisfaction, and overall shopping experience to our online venture,


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