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Computer Services


Whether you are looking for a new system, have a nasty virus you need to get rid of or need help hooking up that new PC we are here to help.

Your time is important, so why should you drop your system off and wait 2-3 days or more before someone even looks at it?

Our new online scheduling system ensures that a technician will be available to work on your system exactly when we said we would!

In order to reserve your spot we do require payment in advance, we accept payments via our partner Demand ITS and PayPal.

Why wait days, book your appointment now!

A new computer setup is a on-site only appointment; the typical appointment takes roughly 60 minutes. Our professional techncians will help you transfer your settings and information from your old PC to a new one to make transitioning to a new computer as easy as possible.
  • Transfer your personal files from your old PC
  • Help install required software for your printers, scanners and other computer devices*
  • Configure your favorite email client to send and receive emails

The cost of this service is $75.00+hst.

Click to schedule On Site - PC Setup for 60 minutes

*This is provided your existing devices have support for the operating system of the new computer.

If your PC is still able to access the internet, we can perform this task remotely saving you the time and effort of bringing your computer from your home into the store. Using remote support tools we remotely control and remove the viruses. In the rare circumstances where we are unable to remove the virus, bring it into the store and we will finish the job at no additional charge.

From the comfort of your home we will call you and remotely connect to your computer to perform the virus removal.
In some rare circumstances virus removals cannot be done remotely, if that's the case we will schedule a in-store appointment to finish the job at no additional charge.
Click to schedule Remote - Virus Removal for 90 minutes

This requires an active high-speed internet connection and the ability for you to download and run our remote support tool.
Most virus' can be removed in about 90 minutes, while in store we have access to some additional tools and this is a great option if your PC is no-longer able to surf the internet due to the Virus or lack of high-speed internet.
Click to schedule Depot - Virus Removal for 90 minutes
We will travel to your home to perform the Virus removal, this appointment is expected to take 90 minutes and we require access to high speed internet for some of our tools.
If we cannot finish the removal on-site we will take the system back to our office and finish the job at no additional charge!
Click to schedule On Site - Virus Removal for 90 minutes
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Depot – This means we need you to bring your computer to our office at 106-235 Stafford RD West in Nepean, 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment with the power adapter if its a laptop or portable device. Head over to Tim Horton’s or enjoy a complimentary espresso here at the shop.

On Site – We will dispatch a person to your home for the specified amount of time, if the problem cannot be fixed while on site we will gladly bring the system to our shop to complete the repair.

Remote – This is the most popular option, we will call you and guide you through installing a small program that enables us to remotely repair your machine. This requires your computer to have a working high speed internet connection and be able to browse the internet on the PC.

 All remote and booking services are provided by Demand ITS Inc.